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October 21

And now for something completely different... Westside Nocturne - a drink recipe

August 24

Important information about a previously unidentified threat to gardens - both in the Pacific Northwest and the wider world: An Insidious New Scourge Facing Northwest Gardeners

May 6

So, on a bit of a whim, I decided to set up a Tumblr. At the moment I'm not sure how allied it will be with this site - I suspect what ends up there will be pretty random.

February 2


December 8

From the Mailbag: Fertilizer in Containers

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November 23

From the Mailbag: Pests on my Lovely Winter Kale!

October 31

From the Mailbag: Overwintering Onions

July 17... sorta

From the Mailbag: White Carrots?

March 5

The Cooperative Extension Service is a nationwide educational network run through the nation's land grant colleges (Washington State University and Oregon State University, in our case). Among the many valuable resources they provide are the Master Gardeners programs which provide loads of printed and online materials, clinics at local nurseries, and many other helpful tools for us gardeners. If you've ever prowled around my site, you've probably found the links I have to WSU's excellent Gardening in Western Washington and the OSU Extension Service website.

A tip of the hat to the folks over at Johnny's Selected Seeds for the reminder about this invaluable service!

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