March 20, 1998

Just within the past two days I realized I've been writing these articles for a year now! It sure doesn't seem that long, but then years seem to go buy a lot faster than they used to. Normally I'm better at remembering anniversaries, which is fortunate in many circumstances (such as in terms of marital harmony). This spring, though, has been crowded with lots of items demanding my attention.

This year I promised I wouldn't repeat the gardening mistakes of the past year - the big one being the way I was consistently a month behind in my gardening tasks. Unfortunately I don't seem to be doing any better this time! Last year at least I could blame the weather for the delays (well, until July anyway). As I reported in my previous article, this time around has been much more conducive weather-wise to early gardening; but all sorts of life's details seem to be interfering now - a possible new job, considerations of a potential cross-country move, the illness and death of a loved pet, and the start of work on a new Web site have all chipped away at my available gardening time (or so I tell myself). In many aspects of life, it is so darn easy to get caught up in the details!

But sometimes you have to just force yourself to leave those details behind and make time for the other things in life. It's funny how that works, because often those "other things" are the activities you really enjoy yet can't bring yourself to make time for. I went out into the garden this past weekend, for probably the first time in close to a month. I had been putting it off; for some reason I never seemed to be in the mood to go out there. But, after having forced myself to face the weeds, I found it didn't take long to start getting caught up again in all the things which make me love gardening. Sure, weeding can be a chore, but the birds were singing up a storm! I had a front row seat for some robins and sparrows impromptu bath in a puddle. And though it seemed at first to be all weeds everywhere, at least in my perennial beds (oh my goodness, he's not in the vegetable garden!), a little poking and prodding made it evident that new life was already coming forth out of the ground. The geraniums were up, a calendula was blooming, the buddleia was racing towards the sky - life was good! I may have reluctantly trudged outside to start with, but I stayed out there happily until well after sunset.

And now news from the vegetable garden (and it's about time!): A huge crucifer of uncertain lineage is finally beginning to show its true colors. I knew it was either an overwintering cauliflower or sprouting broccoli, or at least I assumed that much; but last year it never headed. For some reason I didn't pull it last season, but instead decided to let it grow. It was never fertilized, but still has managed to become a giant - at least four feet in every direction. My main reason for keeping it was the hope of discovering what it is! By fall I'd convinced myself that it was a Walcherin cauliflower which had out-crossed. Well, now I can tell you for sure - it's a white sprouting broccoli. Looks as if the taxonomists' jobs are secure, at least from me.

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