March 27 - Elizabeth has a question:

"I have recently aquired a backyard and am excited to start a vegetable/fruit garden! Unfortunately, I know approximately nothing about it. Can you reccomend any sources that can better educate me, in laymens terms, on basically everything a northwest gardener needs to know?"

In addition to the articles on my site, I highly recommend you look at all the resources Washington State University makes available to gardeners. They have a dedicated website called "Gardening in Western Washington" - it can be found here:

In addition to all the resources on their website, they offer master gardener clinics at various places. These gives you the chance to talk face to face with an experienced gardener about most any gardening question you might have.

I used to recommend that you get a list of the printed pamphlets they offer; but now I believe they provide all that material on their website.

WSU is a wonderful resource for gardeners, both in western and eastern Washington!

BTW if you eventually broaden your scope and want to learn more about ornamentals and native plants, another valuable website is my former haunt over at the Rainy Side Gardeners.

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