Gardening with ornamentals is still rather new to me. I tend to like perennials, especially the bulletproof ones! This was version one of my perennial bed, which has undergone some major alterations this spring (in other words, I don't want to show you what it looks like now). As they say in Chicago, just wait until next year!
The true geranium 'Johnsons Blue' is one of my favorite perennials. It's pretty foolproof, and blooms over a long season. Here it is alongside some Lychnis (rose campion), with calendula in the background. Johnsons Blue attracts a lot of bees, which endears it both to me and to my golden retriever (she likes to eat the bees).
I'm learning to love lilies, especially the oriental and trumpet varieties with their amazing scent. This yellow trumpet, who's name I don't remember, held it's own versus the Nicotiana sylvestris that was next to it.
Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer' is probably my favorite flower over all. It blooms through most of the summer, especially if I keep it dead-headed. Indian Summer always looks like such a happy flower! Okay, maybe that's a stretch...
I don't grow many annuals, but Cosmos are worth it! They meet my basic criteria of being bulletproof and pretty low maintenance. In addition, they provide ample color over a long season, and (with their size) cover a multitude of sins. It's too bad they can't hide the dogs' path, there in front of them.
'Purple Wave' petunia is another annual I grow every year. Normally I'm not crazy about petunias, but this one is amazing! One plant fills a large planter, and cascades down several feet! It might reach the ground, except my daughter always pulls the stems when they get down to her level.

Did you get to see the first tour page, which showed the vegetable garden?

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