The Westside Gardener will never give away or sell the names or e-mail addresses of visitors to the site, period. If there are features on this site that require the storage of personal information in "cookies", you will be told about it explicitly before that info is collected, and the reasons for requesting the information will be spelled out.

Currently this site only uses a cookie if you appear to be using an older browser - that way you'll only see the "old browser warning pop-up" once rather than every time you view a page!

You should be aware that some information about your visit will be logged - this is true with any Web site, not just this one. Specifically, all Web servers track users by their IP address. This is basic information that is simply part of how the Internet works. If a Web server doesn't have your IP address, it doesn't know how to let you see a Web page! In any case, The Westside Gardener will only use log data to determine the relative overall popularity of the various pages on this site.

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