July 17 - Lynne C. asks:

"I planted "Pot of Gold" variety carrots (from free seed packs sent by a charitable group) along side French baby Carrots "Babbett" by Renee's Garden and I have perfectly formed white carrots! Have you ever seen this? They taste okay, only slightly sweet, though we've stopped eating them in case they are not healthy. Are they safe to eat? I would love to know what you think is the cause of this."

I suspect the seed in those packets you planted was produced on the cheap. This just means that they didn't put a lot of time into culling out less-desirable parents, so the seed that got produced was somewhat variable - and what ended up in your packet just isn't all that colorful.

I can't imagine there's anything wrong with eating them. They may not taste all that good, but that's the extent of any "problem". Even wild carrot - Queen Anne's Lace - has an edible (but unpalatable) root.

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