Some broad-interest pages I've written that cover items of importance to the maritime gardener.

Cover Crops and Green Manures
A very important component for your garden's overall health and vitality, which is often overlooked by many gardeners.

FAQ on Vegetable Culture
Information and comments on raising specific vegetables. Fairly concise, but I'm expanding it as I have time available.

FAQ Regarding Seeds
Information on seed purchasing, storage, and use.

Late Blight FAQ
Unfortunately, late blight is now a common disease in the maritime northwest (as well as many other areas of the world).

A Pest Management Primer
Not a list of bugs; rather, it's a discussion of a practical philosophy that I believe is the best way to deal with the pests you find in your garden.

Vegetable Seedling Photographs
Because it's not always easy to tell which small plant actually belongs in that spot!

Information About Pelleted Seeds
Things you really need to know, so you can make an informed decision before purchasing.

Why Use Organic Fertilizer?
A discussion of why it matters what type of fertilizer you choose.

My Favorite Seed Companies
Who you buy seeds from is important. These folks have never steered me wrong!

Other Off-Site Resources
My compilation of the "best of the best" Web resources for your edible garden.

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