I consider these sites to be the "best of the best" Web resources for your Maritime Northwest edible garden. A few of the broad-interest sites may be duplicated elsewhere on our resources pages, but I think they have enough value for the edible gardener that they're worth including here as well.

Rainyside Gardeners
Rainyside.com was my home for about five years, and while I'm working on my own now it's still got a warm place in my heart. If you're looking for information about ornamental gardening, northwest native plants, or about anything else you don't find on my site - go take a look! Be sure to check out the great information and wonderful photographs in Deb's plant gallery.

Keith Mueller's The On-Line Tomato Vine
Keith is a friend I met on IRC some years ago - he did his master's thesis on Alternaria in tomatoes. His site is loaded with tomato information - culture, varieties, diseases, and lots of other stuff. He's the guy I go to when I am stumped on a tomato problem.

The Western Regional Climate Center
Not a gardening site, but a source for some of the most important information a year-round gardener can have. On their site you'll find all sorts of information regarding the long-term computer forecasts for our weather, reports on El Niño (ENSO), and more. It's also a fun place for science geeks like me to waste lots of time.

Washington State University's Gardening in Western Washington
WSU's comprehensive guide to gardening on our side of the Cascades.

Oregon State University Extension's gardening pages
OSU brings you tons of information on all aspects of gardening. It's specific to the Northwest, to boot!

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