These folks get the bulk of my seed order every year. I have found them to be reliable sources of quality seed that is well-adapted to my garden's growing conditions.

Johnny's Selected Seeds
These guys get a big part of my annual seed order. Their Maine trial gardens' summer climate isn't much different than mine, so I know I can count on their seed to do well in my garden. Johnny's sets the standards for seed companies, in my opinion; indeed, Steve Solomon credits Rob Johnston (founder of JSS) for inspiration and help when he started Territorial.

Territorial Seed Company
If Territorial sells it, I know it has grown well at their trial grounds in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Their varieties for the summer garden are second to none; but what makes them really indispensable to the maritime vegetable gardener is the seeds they sell for the winter garden. A truly helpful group of great people.

The Cook's Garden
This company located on the other side of the US, but I have found their main season varieties to be quite well-adapted to our climate. Cook's has an amazing assortment of salad greens! I am also impressed with some of their other unique offerings, both heirlooms and new varieties. In addition, their pages are loaded with additional information for the home gardener.

Shepherd Ogden founded this company, but sold it to Burpee in the late 1990s. I've been happy to see they remain committed to offering interesting vegetable varieties, especially when it comes to the lettuces and other salad greens that made The Cook's Garden famous. Nowadays I would be more careful about their heat loving crops, though, since Burpee is located in Pennsylvania while Cook's was originally based in Vermont.

Park Seed Company
Let me say right off - I would NOT recommend their vegetable seeds for the maritime gardener! I'm sure it's of good quality; but their South Carolina climate is not going to be very relevant to our gardens. However I love looking through their catalog, and I've been consistently happy with the quality of their flower seeds. I don't think you can go wrong buying flower seeds from Park.

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