After a long hiatus, the University of Washington has finally been running Drumheller Fountain daily for the past several weeks. I had been wondering how a long exposure of the backlit water would turn out, if it turned out at all. I must say I am really pleased with this photo.

The original image, shown below, was shot in color. I personally think the high contrast just screams "monochrome" - but a lot of people have been telling me they prefer the color version. So take a look at both versions, and please let me know what you think!

Nikon D70 w/ Tokina 12-24mm lens (plus ND filter), 20mm at f/13, exposure 1/3 sec (manual), ISO 200

Drumheller fountain (color)

Drumheller Fountain, ©2007 Travis Saling

For the monochrome version below, I converted the image using Aperture's monochrome mixer tool. A hint of color was then added with the color monochrome tool.

Drumheller Fountain

Drumheller Fountain in B&W, ©2007 Travis Saling

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